The Buddha, the Awake One, tells us that within every human being is a matrix, a template, of awakeness. How do we access and live that awakeness? Arise, awake, stop not ‘til the goal is reached! Swami Vivekenanda declares. What if we already are awake? What if the goal is already here, within and around you, within and around all of us?

Yogic teachings tell us that the mountain of duality disappears as soon as we realize it is just an aspect of ourselves. In other words, if we are willing to drop our confusion, what remains is clarity. If we let go of identifying with suffering, with problems and obstacles, we relax into already present peace and harmony. If we are willing to stop focusing on limitation, we enter into completeness, simplicity, stillness, the point of origin of all time and space, the energy that brings the whole universe into visibility. When the sun rises, shadows melt away with no effort at all. Light fills us, and darkness vanishes. We become aware of the presence of pure love, and hatred dissipates. We tune into light, stillness, clarity, peace, and radiance transforms us from within, and changes our whole world.

So yes, the keys to the Kingdom are right here with you and within you. Go first to that Kingdom, and then decide if you want to stop at the mall or car dealer or the matchmaker along the way. Go first to all solutions, and find everything! The very questions you are asking just might change, too!

Awake Yoga Meditation