Yoga is divine union, integration of body, mind, spirit, including our awkward elbows, beautiful broken hearts, and
radiant caring.

Yoga is living in Light, sharing pure love, being of service naturally and effortlessly.

Yoga is more than a beautiful yoga body, a calm mind, and our heart’s desire.

Along the way we might enjoy nicely toned yoga buns, a calm mind, and our heart’s desire. But we are not aiming to create a new, more special yoga posture or meditation ego, or acquire spiritual experiences or sensations. We recognize that behind all postures, on the mat and off, on the meditation seat and off, behind all experiences, there is clear awareness, pure presence, the radiant laws of the universe, of harmony, oneness, ease, beauty, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, caring. The same radiant light shines within all.

When we genuinely open to transformation, in humility, in simplicity, our lives and worlds change forever. We live and move and breathe and have our being in peace, calm, kindness, blessing. We become radically available to opportunities, abundance, connections, insight, inspiration, within us and all around us. And we have clarity about what will be most of service to the highest and best in ourselves and in all.

Yoga meditation helps every one of us be a better person, partner, friend, companion, spouse, colleague, boss, a better neighbor, citizen, inventor, creator, healer. In the midst of life’s storms, we move in stillness, and stillness shares itself through us, shining light and sharing liberation in the midst of seeming darkness. We become available to wholeness as we recognize that we are not more special and also not more miserable than any of our human sisters on brothers on this beautiful planet, as we recognize that we and all are children of stillness and light.

Awake Yoga Meditation