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Journey to a healthier state of mind with the YogaMeditate app. Explore life-transforming techniques of meditation. Learn from the ancient wisdom according to Yoga, Buddhism, Zen, Jesus and more. Whether you're just getting started or have been practicing for years, the YogaMeditate app will help you relax, cultivate calm and gain deep insights.

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Compilation of spiritual messages, practical applications and lots of uplifting prayers and theme guided healing meditations by center's spiritual leader, Swami Nityananda.

Healing Meditations

Change the way you feel and change your life! Drop the stress and breathe your way into peace with convenient, guided meditations that fit into your day.

Uplifting Audios

Be inspired with practical, uplifting insights. Short, empowering audio clips help you move through your day with clarity and confidence.

Sacred Teachings

Explore the sacred, spiritual teachings of the ancient Yogic tradition, Buddhism, Jesus, and more. Uncover your own inner-wisdom!

Free download at major app stores for android, iOS, windows and more.

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