Confused about all the different kinds of meditation out there?
Have you been frustrated or defeated by meditation?
Perhaps these few simple ideas can orient you.

Even before countless meditation apps appeared, meditation was a profoundly confusing subject. There is Buddhist meditation, zen meditation, transcendental meditation, vipasana meditation, kundalini meditation, mindfulness meditation, guided visualization, and meditations for manifesting your perfect mate and limitless wealth.

Assuming you are exploring meditation with a desire to experience greater peace, we recommend first looking at your assumptions about meditation.

Do you believe meditation is all about making your mind quiet so you can get relief from anxiety and fear?
Do you believe you should experience a particular feeling or state in meditation?
Do you believe your mind can be controlled and trained to obey you?

Many spiritual paths focus on training the mind to obey, to be still and silent. This approach assumes that thinking can and should be controlled. It assumes we should create a state of temporary quiet and then hold onto it. It assumes that this state of manufactured quiet will result in some higher or better spiritual state.

Most seekers feel failed and exhausted by these approaches. If you achieve temporary success, you are always thinking, how did I do that? How can I repeat that? In essence, you are always thinking about how to stop thinking, trying to recreate a spiritual experience.

What if you knew that right now and right here there is a presence that is always still and always quiet. What if you knew there were no barriers to knowing you are that presence? Wouldn’t you want to give that presence your total attention?

That is what awakening is all about!

Awake Yoga Meditation