Ask and It is Received!

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Ask and it shall be yours! What are we asking? What are we seeking? Are we asking for divinity and grace, knowing that divinity and grace provide all, express themselves in and through all? Or we asking for miniscule expressions of abundance: a handful of peanuts, instead of the whole field, which will allow us to harvest more of everything than we could ever count? Let us seek the whole field of being, which is in and beyond all!

Heaven itself is ours, if we but ask. And the receiving of Heaven is the practice of a lifetime, making visible in our every thought, word, and action the grace of infinite Love that pours through us every moment we are in embodiment. We are never done shining. We are never done singing. We are never done sharing our adoration of the Bliss that we are. With our entire being, we bow to the divine that makes possible every step of our ongoing journey.

We are garbed in shining robes of divinity, by divinity, to help us recognize that we are divinity. All that we ever look upon is grace and beauty, the dance of infinite wonder and love. In the midst of this very world, this world filled with seeming chaos and turmoil, there is a garden, a garden of blessing and bliss. We make that garden visible every moment we choose kindness, wisdom, compassion, healing, service, gladness. As we do, everywhere we walk, flowers bloom.

We are called by the most irresistible power in the universe to remember ourselves. We are called to tend wounds in the midst of battlefields, even as we see our own and others’ wholeness. We are called to set free those who struggle, even as we know all are always boundless. We are called to walk hand in hand with all our sisters and brothers, knowing that oneness lifts us up, lifts everyone up. And all that is unfree falls away.

Awake Yoga Meditation