Seeing God in All!

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Let us allow ourselves to relish the true freedom of nonattachment:  allowing to fall away all pettiness, smallness of mind or heart, all rivalry, all competitiveness, all jealousy. Let us compete with one another only to see who can be more loving, more kind, thoughtful, considerate, caring, filled with ease and grace. The prize is infinite love, awarded by infinite love, the recognition that none is any better or worse than anyone else, that all are invited to the divine dance of the Lord! Let us enjoy the infinite oceans of mercy, kindness, and compassion that are available to all of us the moment we allow ourselves to recognize we are precious, we are cherished, we are nurtured, we are loved, we are blessed, we are adored, we are forgiven—and so is everyone else! 
Let us allow ourselves to be so pure in heart that we see God in all beings, including ourselves! Let us purify our consciousness, our vision, so that we are able to see with divine sight, recognizing and celebrating unity everywhere. Let us be equal to all—equal to all circumstances, all beings, one with all in pure love. Let us say yes to the divine invitation to realize the Beloved of our heart, the Beloved of our being, the pure life and light that shine forth in gladness and in all human conditions. Let us feel ourselves held in the hands of infinite Love, and let us share that Love with all, in the ways perfect for each one to receive. 
Let us be joyful peacemakers, internally and externally. Let us realize that as we integrate all the aspects of ourselves, as we unite ourselves with pure love, with oneness, we are also able to make peace with the world. Our consciousness of oneness goes forth, opening the way before us, guiding our every step to be of joyful service, to recognize that every being we meet is a child of God. We, too, are children of God! We are all invited to dance in the court of the Beloved, to heal all human-created divisions within ourselves and within our world. We are invited to sit down at the banquet of the Kingdom, side by side with everyone—including Jesus's favorite dinner companions, who wouldn't be invited to most dinner tables.
Uniting ourselves with our spiritual ideal, we may surmount whatever obstacles come our way. By the grace of the Infinite, we will rise above even the greatest sorrow, even the greatest challenges and misunderstandings. When we encounter incomprehension, we may ask, When was the last time we ourselves did not understand fully? Perhaps only five minutes ago! As we expand our own awareness, we are ever more able to allow others room to do the same. We remain steadfast in our path of unfolding spiritual perfection, able to realize that each moment on the path is perfect, even as we strive for and realize ever more beautiful perfection. And so we, and all we see before us, are divinity in this form, oneness expressing itself in the manyness, and the Kingdom of Heaven is within us and among us, yearning to be realized and claimed.

Awake Yoga Meditation