Following the Path of the Great Teacher, Entering the Holy City!

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Let us follow in the pathway of the great teacher, entering the holy city. Let us allow all our energies to be united in following our spiritual path and ideal. Let us triumph in peace and glory, in goodness and light, in silence and Stillness. Let us allow divine love to be of total service through us, leading us step by step toward the ultimate fulfillment of our destiny, uniting ourselves with our deepest joy, our highest gladness. Whatever triumphs, whatever challenges, whatever resurrections our journey entails, it is divine love walking through us in the eternal light. It is eternal life expressing itself through us, every moment, every heartbeat, every step. 

Let us follow in the footsteps of that great teacher, who shows us that it is possible to rise above all human limitation. Let us allow to fall away from ourselves all that binds us: all fear, all barriers, all prejudice, arrogance, and unrighteousness. Let us rise into the fullest expression of the light of our being, which is one with the beloved Light of the universe. And so we allow all boulders to be rolled away, revealing the Light that is always present. We step forth from all that would entomb us. We find freedom in our total loving service to the Lord of all light and life. We adore that Light that arises within and guides us all, every step of our way.  

When we look with external vision, we may indeed miss what is standing right before us: divinity Itself, expressing through that divine teacher, and through all whom we encounter in any way! Let us cultivate inner sight, intuitive awareness, expanding our vision to see what is always present. Beloved Light of the universe, we hold fast always to infinite love. Thanks to divine grace, we share all that we have, all that we are. We give thanks for Your gifts blessing us in every moment. We open the eyes of the spirit, the eyes of the heart, to see Your divine face in all faces, including our own.  

O Lord, help us to know you with our entire beings. Help us to follow you on the path of true wisdom and humility, kindness and service. Help us to transform all the selfishness and anger and warring impulses within us, turning ever toward the light. Let our energies be integrated, healed, united in pure love on the path of peace and unity. Let us bathe all our shadowy impulses in full radiance, reveling in the wholeness that Thou art. Let us be your Supreme expression of truth and gladness.

Whatever seas are given us to cross in this life, we turn to you for guidance and succor, O Lord.  We know that you govern all seas, allowing us to move ever forward. You provide rafts in the form of mantra and meditation and sacred teachings. You beckon us from the farther shore. And as we cross that sea, you rush forward to meet and embrace us in the arms of infinite Love. So we sing to the Lord, we raise our voices in gladness and praise. We give thanks and exult in reverence and joy. We dance to the shining timbrels of the Lord.

Awake Yoga Meditation