‭Buddha gets a lot of press in the West compared to other awakened beings. Often people searching for spiritual teachings encounter Buddha first. The truth that Buddha discovered is the same truth that all awakened beings find. We offer the essence of Buddha’s teachings in the same way we offer the teachings of Jesus, Krishna, and awake beings from many traditions. Our focus, like Buddha’s, is simply on recognizing or realizing the truth of what we are. We seek the direct perception of reality - our radiant divine nature. Learn more about our teaching and meditation.

Awake Yoga Meditation is a spiritual community that loves to challenge all the assumptions and concepts about enlightenment especially our belief in barriers‭ ‬and struggle.‭ ‬With love‭ ‬and good humor,‭ ‬our community helps each other to wake up through Advaita Vedanta, yoga philosophy, and the mystical teachings of Christianity,‭ ‬Buddhism,‭ ‬Taoism,‭ Zen, ‬Hinduism,‭ and ‬Judaism.‭ Meditation, kriya yoga, self-inquiry, and devotional practices are integral to these teachings.

Our presiding teacher, Swami Nityananda, emphasizes our oneness with all life, joyful service, and unconditional love. She follows the path blazed by our founding teacher, Swami Shankarananda and our lineage of teachers.

We offer weekly meditations for adults and children, spiritual discussion, and meditation instruction. All are welcome.