Arise and Awake

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The Buddha tells his students, tells all of us, that within each of us is a matrix of Awakeness, a template of Aliveness.  We all are invited to activate this divine energy within ourselves, filling ourselves with pure light and grace, allowing kindness, caring, inspiration, to pour through us.  As we focus on this Awake energy within ourselves, we experience insight, joy, harmony, inspiration.  Scientists are now able to measure resulting decreases in stress hormones, increases in immune system function, and improved quality of sleep, relationships, and life.  We gain resilience and fortitude, the ability to find clarity and move forward in joyful perseverance and forbearance.  We move in freedom through our days and nights, able to be more present, loving, and responsive to everyone in our lives, and to the highest good for ourselves and for all.  This eCourse offers accessible, dynamic, joyful, transformative practices that can shift your energy in a few minutes a day!  Bless yourself and everyone you meet by honoring Awakeness in yourself and in all!


This 40 day Yoga Meditation eCourse is specially designed with daily voice messages that include guided meditations, prayers and stories from beloved Swami Nityananda, along with daily intentions. Her spiritual vibration will directly inspire you and place you in an unending stream of profound pure love and divine energy.

By participating in this eCourse, you will experience a significant shift in your ability to connect with the love and bliss that you are, no matter the level of time and effort you are able to invest. Relax into the practice and reap the benefits! Try a sample audio here:

The Arise and Awake eCourse begins on the Monday immediately following your registration. This 40 day series is synchronized with a full lunar cycle and the summer solstice. Experience this very special eCourse at this very special time and honor Awakeness in yourself and others!

Awake Yoga Meditation