Embrace Gratitude, Love, and Bliss

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Are you ready to rise and expand in every way of your life?
Are you ready to experience your full potential in the new year?
If so, give yourself the gift of the Embrace Gratitude, Love, and Bliss eCourse.

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A yogi might say, "Practice gratitude and be in love with all of Life!  Practice gratitude and be in bliss!"  Neuroscience research shows why yogis have been offering such good humored suggestions for as long as there have been yogis.  When we practice gratitude, the brain releases the same neurotransmitters that are released by antidepressant medicationsā€”and by falling in love humanly.  When we declare, I am grateful for the sun and the moon and the stars, and my heartbeat, and this breath; I am grateful for this day and this life; I am grateful for all existence; I am grateful for every moment, we place ourselves in a stream of profound pure love, pure divine energy.  We rise and expand in Love, and that explains why yogis invite us to practice gratitude and to be in bliss.  They are not exaggerating.  Internal bliss and infinite Love are available for all of us!  For no external reason whatsoever, we may all walk around in infinite delight.  We may fall in love with all of Life, be in adoration, and lift ourselves into awareness of an already present stream of light that is divine peace, pure love, infinite amazement, wonder, awe, and blessing. 

This 40 day eCourse is specially designed with daily voice messages that include prayer, guided meditations and stories from beloved Swami Nityananda, along with daily intentions. Her spiritual vibration will directly inspire you and place you in an unending stream of profound pure love and divine energy.

By participating in this eCourse, you will experience a significant shift in your ability to connect with the love and bliss that you are, no matter the level of time and effort you are able to invest. Relax into the practice and reap the benefits!

The Embrace Gratitude, Love, and Bliss eCourse begins on the Monday immediately following your registration.

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