From Limitation to Light - a 40 day journey of self-inquiry
  • Find yourself stuck in the loop of limitation?

  • Can’t seem to press forward no matter how hard you try?

Be Lifted into Limitless Spaciousness in a Simple Breath! 

Even when life feels impossible, the breath of light can gently blow away the limitation of human conditions!

We invite you to breathe the breath of light into your life through this simple 40 day eCourse. By practicing only minutes a day, you can let your every thought, word, and deed be inspired by light.  You can open to wholeness, peace, kindness, caring, compassion, forgiveness, for yourself and all.


Imagine that you can effortlessly abide securely in an inner dwelling place built upon a rock—the ability to return love for hate, kindness for irritability, clarity for confusion! Imagine the healing and the spaciousness when you let go of identifying with anything that limits your divine brilliance and natural expressiveness from sharing itself, ego-free. Breath by breath, you are risen into brightness, ease, and grace.  

You will begin your day with a simple and profound Self-inquiry question followed by a short guided meditation for reflection. After that, your renewed and refreshed self along with the given daily intention will empower you through the entire day.

This accessible daily wisdom reminds you to be present to the wholeness within yourself and within all life. The course is designed to strengthen your awareness of infinite possibility in every moment. Swami Nityananda invites you to: “Open your heart. Be the freedom you are eternally.  Bless yourself. Bless the planet!”

After your registration, you will receive a daily email, starting the Monday after your registration, for 40 days. Each email contains a beautiful therapeutic image, a Self-inquiry question, an audio file with a guided meditation filled with spiritual gems by Swami Nityananda and a powerful daily intention.

Awake Yoga Meditation