The spirit of Gift is magnified and multiplied by giving forward. 



a person feels deeply supported by the universe, that person also feels at ease to be generous. The converse is also true: that by practicing generosity, one will receive the experience of being deeply supported by the universe; that is, one will experience abundance.

Your gifts make it possible for us to offer pure, transformative meditation practices.  No one, including our spiritual leader, receives a salary from Awake Yoga Meditation.  Our Yoga Philosophy and Meditation Center is a manifestation of pure love, service and your generosity. Your sacred generous gifts help people thrive by benefiting from meditation practices, programs and eCourses that inspire a more meaningful, generous and happier life for all.  Thank you.


“On a less tangible level, any gifts we give contribute to another kind of common wealth – a reservoir of gratitude. Gifts inspire gratitude and generosity is infectious. Increasingly, I read and hear stories of generosity, selflessness, even magnanimity that take my breath away. When I witness generosity, I want to be generous too. In the coming times, we will need the generosity, the selflessness, and the magnanimity of many people. If everyone seeks merely their own survival, then there is no hope for a new kind of civilization. We need each others' gifts as we need each others' generosity to invite us into the realm of the gift ourselves.”

- An excerpt from A Circle of Gifts by Charles Eisenstein


You can also pledge your gift in the form of service.  We welcome and look forward to your participation.

The more we live in a spirit of generosity, the more plenitude becomes our daily experience and expression. 
— Swami Nityananda


Any gifts we share help it be possible for us and for all to access a wellspring of generosity, clarity, gratitude, joy, and kindness. The gifts we share are directly related to the gifts that will pour forth upon us. To open ourselves to light, share more light. To open ourselves to pure love, share more kindness and caring for all. Abundance and beauty are our nature, present in our breath, in every leaf on every tree, in each step we take on every grain of sand. The more we live in a spirit of generosity, the more plenitude becomes our daily experience and expression. To create lives of ever greater welcome and wisdom, we begin by glad sharing of light, pure love, and sacred gifts.

May all humanity experience generosity, prosperity and divine grace always!

Yours in service,

Sacred Ministry*, Awake Yoga Meditation

*Sacred Ministry represents our areas of ministry including Bereavement Support, Book Store, Communication Ministry, Conferences, Convalescent Outreach, eCourses, Darshan Meditation, Digital Media Ministry, Friday Night Healing Services, Karma Yoga, Prayer Support, Satsangs, Sunday School, Sunday Morning Celebrations and our Swami Premananda Library.