Many spiritual paths focus on training the mind to obey,‭ ‬to be still and silent.‭ ‬These approaches assume that thinking can and should be controlled.‭ ‬It assumes we should create some kind of quiet or stillness in the mind, then hold onto it so it will lead to some higher spiritual state.‭

Most seekers feel failed and exhausted by these approaches.‭ ‬If you achieve temporary success,‭ ‬you are always thinking -how did I do that‭? ‬How can I repeat that‭? ‬In essence,‭ ‬you are always thinking about how to stop thinking or‭ ‬trying to‭ ‬recreate‭ ‬a spiritual experience.‭ ‬

What if you knew that right here and now, your true nature is already and always still, quiet, and undisturbable?‭ ‬What if you knew there were no barriers to recognizing that natural state of being‭? ‬Wouldn‭’‬t you want to give your true nature your total attention‭? ‬ That is what meditation is all about‭!

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Yoga Philosophy
We have all been taught to believe we are a person, a separate somebody identified with this particular body and mind. Since everybody got this same conditioning, we don’t even realize we have forgotten our true spiritual identity. ‭ Our belief in our personhood is responsible for the infinite variety of false thoughts, opinions, and beliefs in our world. It is the real reason we suffer in fear, depression, and loneliness.

Awakening is simply waking up to our natural state of being. Discovering our identity‭ is only difficult if we are unwilling to‬ challenge our assumptions and concepts about ourself and reality. Why would we need to struggle to recognize what we already are and have always been? Yoga Philosophy and Advaita Vedanta are teachings that help us recognize our true nature that is already right here and right now.

Awakening becomes beautifully simple and clear when it is seen that no “person” ever wakes up or gets enlightened. Awakening is coming out of the illusion of personhood. Our true nature or consciousness wakes up to itself and recognizes it never really was a person.

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