Spiritual Leader: Swami Nityananda

Spiritual Leader: Swami Nityananda

Divine Precious Soul!! 

We welcome you to discover our new and exciting Yoga Meditation eCourses!

With every breath, we build a reservoir of greater light, we bring in more healing, more abundance, and more pure love. The energy we generate in our meditation practice initiates a transformation that continues working within us, even as we move through all the activities of our day.  As we enter into this practice, we enter into a beautiful relationship with ourselves, with our own beautiful energies, our own sacredness, our own pure power.  Our power is never over anyone else.  It is a power of pure love that allows us to respond gracefully, wisely, with good humor and appreciation, to all we encounter. Meditation reveals our own true nature and helps us recognize divinity everywhere.

All of the courses and programs you are about to see were created with a profound sense of sacredness on all levels.  All course tuition is self-determined, a gifting & receiving model.  The sacred practice begins the moment you enter our website. As you read this, your practice continues.  We rejoice with your presence, your participation, and your devotion in finding the precious light within!  Please have fun and enjoy the next step and every step along the way.  

Pure Supreme Love of Soul,

Swami Nityananda