Individuals who request Kriya Yoga may receive instruction from Swami Nityananda.  Kriya includes accessible, powerful meditation techniques discussed in Autobiography of a Yogi among other sacred texts.  Receiving Kriya directly from a teacher supports profound, pure-hearted spiritual transformation, enabling one to be more present and of glad service in all of one’s life. 

Spiritual Conferences
Whether you are completely new to the study of yoga and meditation or one who is seeking to deepen your practice, a private, personal spiritual conference with Swami Nityananda can infuse your life with insights and inspiration that will guide your days’ endeavors from possible darkness to the pure light of joy.

All private conference content is completely confidential. Swami Nityananda gives 100% of the conference financial offering to Awake Yoga Meditation to support the mission of the community. For a thirty minute conference, we invite your contribution of $50 or more. For one hour, we invite your contribution of $100 or more.

What is the Universal Swami Order?
The Universal Swami Order is open to those who have a sincere desire to be of service to Awake Yoga Meditation and the teachings of Advaita Vedanta.  An extension of the Ancient Swami Order founded by Adi Shankar, the Universal Swami Order is inclusive of all genders, and welcomes persons of integrity who are married or unmarried. 

For more information on meditation, The Swami Order, or to schedule a conference:

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