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All Wholeness, All Holiness
Beloved Light of the universe, thank you for shining in me, and in all I meet.

Thank you for lighting the way before me, through the darkest nights of the year. Thank you for warming me from within, for brightening my heart, for lightening my spirits, for lifting me up into gladness and gratitude and good humor. Thank you for finding my way forward.

As I walk through this passageway before me, hopefulness and helpfulness are walking beside me. I am never alone. I walk in the stillness, in the quiet, in the hushed and sacred silence. And where my feet carry me, I feel the rhythm of the earth and the sky, the mountains and the valleys, the birds and all beings, resonating in and with and as that stillness.

The stillness is all-revealing. The stillness lights my way on. The stillness guides me. From beneath a sacred blanket of snow, the stillness rests and waits and bides its time. In a shining field of blooming daffodils, the stillness shares its song. In all times and all lands, the stillness may be heard between words, in the space between every heartbeat, every moment, every breath.

The stillness guides and protects, heals and inspires, governs and illumines. The stillness makes possible all sound, shares all light, purifies all hearts, clarifies all consciousness. The stillness brings me home in meditation, and then brings me home everywhere.

As I listen to that stillness and walk the passageway before me, my shoulders feel free and unburdened. I have let go of what has been heavy within me. I stride forward, lighter and more easily, steady and kind and strong and glad, present to what I am walking through, to my own tender heart, to the sweet aspirations of all beings, to the hopes and the fears and the dramas and the dreams that I have been sharing with my human brothers and sisters until I remember: All hopes and fears, all dramas and dreams, arise from the one light, reflect the one light, come back to the one light. And, I am free to enjoy the whole kaleidoscope of shifting colors and shapes and sounds and sights, dancing with the universal light that makes it all possible, honoring the oneness that underlies all, adoring the beloved Light of the universe.

As I remember the eternal, my hopes and fears, my dramas and dreams, melt into light. Heaviness vanishes. Trouble and pain fall away. Faith walks forward freely. The very Earth appears new, sacred pathways branching out before us, inviting us onward, blessed to be remembered in wholeness, as we are blessed to remember and be remembered, whole and holy.

All wholeness, all holiness, beloved Lord of light, all wholeness and holiness is Thine; may your infinite embrace melt me into the sacred light, so that I see everywhere your pathway, I know everywhere your peace, I live everywhere your truth and good humor and generosity and gladness, I dance forward now and always in the light of oneness and unconditional love.   Om Shanti Shanti Shanti,  Amen


Lord, let me be awake to your constant guidance, hearing the way you murmur to me night and day, the way you sing to me through all songs, the way you speak to me through all voices.

Lord, let me be awake to your signs, seeing your wonders, your signals, your messaging. From all the billboards and screens and devices of all the lands, you speak to me. You speak to me.

Lord, let me be awake to your healing grace, alive to your light of sheer love and oneness, your universal kindness and compassion. In all smiles, in all generosity, in all helpfulness and hopefulness, you share yourself with me.

Lord, let me awaken to your invitation: help me see what load I might lighten for another, what help might be shared through me, what gladness might pour forth thanks to what you accomplish effortlessly and gracefully through me, despite my own awkward elbows and knees. Lord, thank you for those elbows and knees; and thank you for letting them not bump anyone along the way, including even me.

Lord, let me be alert to your blessings, which are showering down upon me always. Let me adore your abundance everywhere: in material blessings, yes, and in uncountable needles of pine trees, tousled hairs of a sleeping baby, and wrinkles of laughter around an elder’s eyes. Let me be open to your grace. Let me receive and absorb your shining gifts, that they might be shared through me.

Lord, let me be your prayer in motion, attuned to your dancing light on water, to your waves of laughter, to your outrageous good humor, even in hospital waiting rooms, even in mail we don’t want to receive. Let me shine as your life, consciously greeting your life in all beings, reminding myself and all: it’s all ok, it’s all sacred, it’s all beautiful, even when it’s not beautiful, even when it’s not ok, even when it’s not apparently very sacred at all.

Lord, let me be awake always to your grace, so that even when I sleep, I sleep as your awakeness resting in me, rejuvenating me to rise again and shine in another new day.

With my whole heart, with wholeheartedness itself, Amen 


I Give It All To You
Lord, I have been through the wringer, and you know it, for you are the wringer, and the cloth that goes through the wringer, and the water and the dirt wrung out of the cloth. You are the all of it: the outrageous mess and the struggle and the striving, the cleaning up, the finding a way forward, the recognizing that all cloth comes from that same bolt of divine oneness, that there is no cloth that we can give up on, including even me.

Thank you for not giving up on me, Lord. Thank you for not letting me give up on me. If I ever give up on me, Lord, thank you for holding on to me just then, until I remember again.

Lord, I don’t know how many more times I can take going through the wringer. Lord, I am about done with this whole muddy mess. Lord, I long to be clean. Lord, let me be clean. Lord, thank you for clean. Lord, thank you for recognizing that there has to be a better way. Lord, Lord, Lord.

Lord, sometimes there is nothing to say but Lord Almighty, Lord Almighty, I give it all to you. Whatever mess I have made, I give it all to you.

You don’t want that mess, either, Lord? Well, show me how to clean up. Show me how to move on.

You mean I know already? I know already how to move forward without fighting? Without struggling? I know already? And all I have to do is give it all to you, and choose my next step, and stay steady, and choose the next one, too, and stay steady, and choose the next one, too.

I give it all to you, Lord. I choose the next step you have already chosen for me, the perfect step, the clear step, the strong step, the I-Remember step, the I-am-steady step, the I-can-do-this-sister step, the I-can-do-this-brother step. I choose the divine step, the step the divine within me has already prepared for me, the bright step, the light step, the fun step, the kind step. I choose the step-right-up step.

And I am climbing. And I am on my way. And I am finding my way back home again.  Amen


Oneness Prayer
Supreme Love is the only energy, power, presence, and activity in my life and world. I align with Supreme Love now and in every breath, heartbeat, and moment. I call upon Supreme Love to guide my way, to light my path forward. 

The light of divine grace surrounds and fills me now and always. The light of divine grace surrounds and fills my energy field, consciousness, and world, now and always. This light is so pure and perfect that it dispels all that is not the light. Now and forevermore, there is room in my life only for pure light and pure love. 

I rest in harmony, serenity, and tranquility, in the clear light of infinite Love. I am safe. I am secure. I am protected.  

Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti Amen. 

Opening to the Heart of Service, the Divine Heart of Oneness
"Divine Grace, giver of all gifts, giver of my life and Life itself, I offer my life to you, to shape and transform as you will, that I may be lifted into the Light and of ever-greater service to the Light. Use me as you will. Let me offer you all my desires, and let them be purified in the fire of divine service, so that I want only what the divine wants for me, I serve only the highest good and allow the divine plan to unfold through and for me fully.

Let me be breathed by the breath of God consciously in every moment, embraced by God in every action, reveling always in sacred Stillness. Let me be your divine child, who is so simple and clear and pure that in me there is no guile, no selfishness, only joy and boundless strength and energy.

Let me love you totally, Divine Grace, in absolute purity, seeing you and serving you in all. Let me wake in the morning connected with you, sleep at night embraced by you. All through the night, let me rest in your arms of infinite caring and renewal, so that each day, I arise with joy, eager to be of service to you again this morn, thankful to walk through another day with my divine companion, the Divine Mother, the Emperor of Light. Let me love you and be with you so purely that every breath is living adoration, wonder, and blessing.

Let me be so humble that I am not afraid to allow your shining magnificence be shared and served through me. Let me share your blessings abundantly, and be blessed by you totally.

With reverence and devotion, and purity of consciousness and heart, Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti, Amen."  

As we offer this prayer, we open to receive blessings that support divine service in all arenas of our Church and of our lives. As we offer this prayer, we bless ourselves, our own journey, and all those who benefit as we lift ourselves in consciousness. As we offer this prayer, we honor all who serve divine Oneness, and strengthen and energize ourselves in doing the same.  


Prayer for All Times, All Lands, All Peoples
Blessed Lord, Divine Mother, Infinite Healing Presence, we give such thanks for your constant grace, your steadiness, your assuredness, your kindness, your pure love, your good humor, your courage, your open-heartedness, your generosity, your wisdom.

Humanly, we may move through waves that feel like exulting celebration or intense disappointment. May we seek and find steady balance, poise and a peaceful heart as you fill each of us with your pure white light. Please give us compassion and a great ability to build bridges. If we feel tension within ourselves or within the collective, let it be melted away into the light of peace. We ask that you surround and fill us with brightness and warmth, connecting us to the best and highest within ourselves and within all.

We remember that those who love the Light have lived and served and followed the path of truth, universality, and oneness, in all times, all lands, all circumstances. We rejoice and honor the light of oneness in all beings, including ourselves. We pray for profoundly joyful healing and unity. We remember with deep gratitude that all whom we encounter are our sister, our brother, our father, our mother, our friend. We ask for clear vision to see the divinity and grace in all, including ourselves.

We recall our divine purpose, and our reason for being here at this time to share the light. We call upon light, pure love, good humor, most joyfully, deeply, and clearly, now and always!

Grace guides us forward always. Whatever we encounter in this beautiful and sacred world, God’s world, we call upon Divine Grace. We call upon Divine Grace with thanks, with joy, with tears, with laughter, with wonder, with awe, with amazement. Divine Grace loves us and delights in us as we encounter everything in this one, precious, sacred life. Divine Grace brings us hope. Divine Grace brings us help. Divine Grace blesses us and keeps us all the days of our life. Divine Grace grants us the bliss of being able to be present, kind, caring, and good natured for all whom we encounter.

Let us call upon Divine Grace in this moment and always, praying,

Divine Grace, let me see you everywhere I look. Heal my vision, and remove any blocks that prevent me from seeing you everywhere always. Divine Grace, let me feel your constant pure love and support, so that right now in my very body, heart, and mind, I feel your warmth and light. Divine Grace, let me focus now on infinite mercy, harmony, ingenuity, calling forth the best in everyone, including myself. With pure love and gratitude, Aum shanti shanti shanti, amen.


Prayer for Courage
Let my heart take courage, beloved Lord, perfect and adorable Light of the universe.

Let me be strong, with the strength of your grace, which is mighty and eternal, which knows when to bow to the divine, which knows when to stand firm, which knows when to act, which knows when to bide time, waiting upon the inner unfoldment of all that is beautiful, of all that works together for good to them that love God.

Let me be your heart, made visible, so that all that I encounter are heartened after encountering me.

Let me be your kindness, made tangible, so that my hands touch all beings with grace.

Let me be your good humor, made audible, so that brightness of face and lightness of heart are left in my wake, wherever you guide me to be in this world.

Let me rest in your sanctuary, the eternal abode of the heart, the bliss of the infinite.

Let me move in your footsteps, so that every path I travel is consciously divine.

Let me speak with your words, so that all that I utter, and my silences, too, reverberate with blessings, healing, and wisdom.

Let me be your love, so that all that I meet is you, greeting me through the hands and the faces of all human beings, the earth, the sky, and all the blessed life that you are, that I am.

Let me have the strength to wait, to trust, for the divine unfoldments of the Lord. Let me align with grace, with divine timing, so that I am steady and still in the Lord, and the wave of the infinite rocks me to sleep at night and tells me clearly when it is again time to surf.

Let me catch that wave of divine bliss perfectly.

Let me rest in the lullaby of the Lord.

Thank you, infinite Heart, for heartening me, strengthening me, blessing me. Thank you for being infinite resourcefulness and inventiveness and creativity.

Thank you for finding a way when no way seems visible to human eyes.

Thank you that all things are possible to one who believes.

Thank you that all things are possible to one who loves. Amen

Prayer For Grieving
Divine Grace, giver of all gifts,
Hold me in Thy pure light.
I offer you my human heart,
I offer you my human pain,
I offer you my shock,
My feeling of being unsettled.
I allow myself to rest in your arms
Of healing Love.
I allow myself to be lifted up.
I allow your sacred Breath to fill me,
To melt away fear,
To soothe all aching,
To steady me in eternal Peace.
I take heart, knowing that all Life
Is working in Divine Wisdom and Grace,
That the sacred seasons of the earth
And heavens hold me, enfold me,
Lift me to see beyond the horizon
Of the human, and into Infinite Oneness.
In that divine realm, I walk hand in hand
With light.  I am always with the One I love,
And in that unity I am always with the light
And the love I have known in every human
Name and form that has blessed my life.
I walk in freedom and in beauty.
I am filled with healing love.
I am blessed with gratitude and appreciation
So pure that a drop of liquid light
Pours through me, turning into shining radiance
Every fiber of my being,
Allowing me to feel the wholeness
Of my heart, the resonance of the love that I am.
Thanks to Divine Grace, this resounding song
Of peace, union, compassion, blessing,
Fills me and pours through me, sharing
Balm with me and with all I see before me.
I walk in peace and gratitude.
I love myself forward.
I feel what I feel, and I steady myself
With every step allowing pure Light
To move forward through me.
Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti
Forever Peace

 Prayer for Healing
Divine grace, I give you my heart, knowing that it has always been yours. Thank you for filling me with the light of eternal renewal.

Thank you for bringing balance to me, helping me see clearly what I am invited to let go of on an inner level. Thank you for helping me see clearly what I am invited to welcome on an inner level.

Thank you for helping me rest in divine assuredness that you are guiding the inner transformation, and the corresponding outer changes, with such kindness, with such pure love.

Thank you for helping me be steady, for myself and for others.

Thank you for helping all of my experiences, all that I walk through, allow me to serve you more perfectly, allow me to share your healing energy more gladly and fully with myself and with all.

Thank you, blessed Lord, for allowing me to connect with the source of my strength and inspiration.

Thank you for helping me discern what is eternal, and what is passing. Thank you for helping me bless all of it: that which never changes, and that which is always changing.

Thank you for the light of the infinite, the healing grace, the good humor, the gladness, the outrageous pure love, that is showering down upon me right now, that is filling me to overflowing, that is helping me revel in my connection with the Source of all healing.

Thank you for acknowledging the source of disturbance. Thank you for acknowledging the much deeper Source of all harmony, transformation, balance, completion.

Thank you for acknowledging the energies that will bring grace, comfort, wholeness into full expression in my life.

Thank you that all that matters is what God wants.

Thank you that Life is eternal.

Thank you that there is no barrier between me and perfect health.

Thank you that I am one with the beloved Light of the universe, the wellspring of divinity and well-being.

Thank you that blessedness is showering down upon me, reminding me of my true nature: beyond name, beyond form, beyond the effects of duality, I am that perfection, that beauty, that bliss.

Thank you for oneness with infinite Love.  Amen

Prayer for Hospice

Divine Grace, giver of all gifts, I thank you with all my heart for being the light that shines in the one I know as (________________). 

I thank you for your infinite guidance, protection, mercy, blessing, and beauty, in every moment of this journey, from the infinite, into this beautiful world, and beyond.

I thank you for surrounding and filling (her/him), me, and all who love (her/him) with the most tender support and steady strength and kindness. 

Allow us to fill ourselves with the peace that passeth understanding, the healing that goes on forever, the love that cannot ever leave us. 

Let us know that what is real and eternal is always with us, that our connection in oneness always guides our way on. 

We are together forever in pure love, in pure light, and the pure grace of healing is present in every moment of our travels. 

Let us say to one another what beautiful things we long to say in words.  And let us know that the silent wordless communion we share is always speaking much deeper than words, expressing all perfectly. 

We thank you for your presence, for your touch of light, for helping all of us receive and share perfect caring. 

Let our hearts be filled with gratitude, with peace, with pure love.  We thank you for gathering us in this circle of light and love, and for letting us feel and know your divine embrace right now in every cell of our body. 

We live and move and breathe and have our being in that one circle of light and love. 

All the stages and phases of our journey are the divine breath breathing through us, with us, as us.  The divine breath moves us forward always, moves us through all that is.  And in that divine breath, all is peace, all is presence. 
With infinite gratitude and hearts full of love, we thank you forever, Divine Sweetness, Divine Grace.  Amen.


Prayer for Peace
Heavenly Father-Mother God, thank you for filling me with your peace.

Thank you for letting your peace be on my lips.

Thank you for letting your peace be in my ears.

Thank you for letting your peace be my light.

Thank you for letting your peace guide me.

Thank you for letting your peace heal my heart, so that I rest in the palm of God, so that I lay my head in the lap of the Divine Mother, so that I am embraced by the Father.

Thank you for your protection, your comfort, your security, your blessing.

Thank you that wherever I go, wherever I am, all that meets me is you, greeting me in all the names and forms that I encounter in this beautiful world.

Thank you for letting me find harmony, so that what I say, what I think, and what I do, are one.

Thank you for sharing your healing balm with me, and in turn, allowing your healing balm to pour through me into all of my encounters, all of my experiences, all that I am moving through.

Thank you for letting me do my best. Thank you for letting me learn. Thank you for good humor. Thank you for finding the highest way forward.

Thank you for your grace, beloved Lord. Thank you for your compassion. Thank you for your blessing. Thank you for your bliss.

Heart of my heart, I thank you. Light of my light, I thank you. Love of my love, I thank you. Peace of my peace, I bow to you in infinite gratitude for the shining generosity of your divine face, made visible everywhere I look.

Thank you for your peace.  Amen

Prayer for a Relationship that is Completing Itself or Has Completed Itself

Divine Grace, giver of all gifts, I know in my heart that my [friendship/relationship/marriage] is completing itself [or has completed itself].  I bless it and I respect its gifts and lessons.  I bless and respect myself.  I bless and respect my [friend/partner/spouse].  

If there are words to be spoken or actions to be taken that serve the highest good, at the right moment let the highest in me speak to the highest in my [friend/partner/spouse].  Let Divine Grace surround and fill both of us.  Let Divine Grace comfort and encourage and hearten both of us.  

Let Divine Grace open the way so that we move forward in clarity and peace according to the highest good.  I am willing to transform pain into peace.  Please help me be true to divine guidance.  Please help me be kind and clear, strong and steady, honoring myself and honoring all.

I forgive my [friend/partner/spouse].  I forgive myself.  I forgive the situation.  I release and bless both of us.  I am free. My [friend/partner/spouse] is free.  Thanks to Divine Grace, we both move forward with ease and grace.

With gratitude, and in pure Love, Amen. 


Prayer for Transformation
Pray, Lord, forgive me for my faults, my shortcomings. They are too numberless for me to count, but with your good humor and omniscience, you know them all, and love me anyway.

Pray, Lord, help me take responsibility—help me respond, help me bring balance, into the areas of my life where I have caused harm to myself or others, where I have not taken the high road, where I can do better.

Pray, Lord, help me move forward in clarity and peace, in forgiveness of myself and of all, in letting go of all that I can let go, in order to move forward in brightness, in renewal, in steadiness, in kindness, in courage.

Pray, Lord, fill me with your good humor, so that I can appreciate all that you bless me with—even my quirks are infinite, as your entire creation is infinite. Help fill me with your light, so that I am your light in motion, your love in action, your grace and kind laughter shared with all I meet.

Pray, Lord, let me see clearly the ways that I can do better, knowing that the divine is the only do-er, and that I am your partner, I am your instrument, if grace let it be so that I may do my part, allowing the divine to do all, to be all.

Pray, Lord, let me bring understanding and compassion to my own heart, and then let it overflow me so that I bring only understanding and compassion into the lives of all I meet.

Pray, Lord, let me be your patience and strength in embodiment—not rushing, and not stagnant—content and always aspiring—unfolding with the power and the beauty of the seasons, of the waves, of wind, of the mountains and the plains.

Pray, Lord, let me be your love, your kindness, your healing, your forgiveness, your gladness. Pray let me see with your eyes, so that all I look upon is visible to me as your love. Pray let me express with your heart, so that all you express through me is your love.

Pray, Lord, let me be clear and graceful about inviting your light to lift me up; thank you for allowing to fall away all that is ready to fall away; thank you for welcoming your new life within me, and shared through me.

I see on the altar of your infinite heart a shining lotus of light, in full bloom. Into that lotus of light I place all my own doubts and fears, all my limitations. And that into that lotus of light, I place myself, knowing that you will share blessed light through me, in full bloom.

I thank you, beloved Lord, for your mercy, for your compassion, for melting away from me all that is finite, for welcoming to me and through me all that is infinite and blessed, beautiful and good.

I give you my life, beloved Lord, knowing it is always yours. It is all yours.

And so I rest in the Lord. And so grace becomes visible. Amen