Eternal Pure Love Is Yours

Infinite God of mercy and clarity, teach us to move through our shortcomings and enter into Thy eternal strength. Guide us to face our weaknesses with calm and compassion, that we may realize the unwavering light that we are, and that we may serve that light in all. Let us rise in consciousness, expand in awareness and pure love, that we may bow to Thee in all hearts, that we may step from mountaintop to mountaintop in inner gladness of heart, even as we walk through the valleys of this world, tending all wounds, sharing justice and healing with all.

O Mother of the Universe, you are not separate from any of your divine expressions; you shine in the hearts of all your children. You embrace all. In truth, there is no Mother and the Universe. There is only Oneness that is the Divine Mother—all that we are, all that is. And so we celebrate Oneness as it expresses in all beings, rejoicing that this pure life energy is divine love and beauty. Let us adore sacred glory and magnificence in all, including ourselves!

When we are tempted to give up, we turn instead to God, asking for the guidance that is always available. When conditions look impossible, and we doubt how we will carry on, we turn to God and receive the succor that allows the next step to be taken through us. And we learn that lo! God has already achieved the victory through us. Divine grace has already vanquished our enemies through us, allowing us to enjoy the unrivaled Kingdom. Let us be merely an instrument in the hands of God, that we may enjoy the music of the Infinite, the almighty transforming power of pure love.

When we feel bound by selfishness and limitation, we ask the joy of the Infinite to release us from our self-created cage. When we wander in bitterness, we ask divine Sweetness to bring healing, understanding, and transformation. As we let go of our narrow self, we discover that we have already melted into eternal bliss. We find that all our pain has been an impetus to expand into the brilliance and blessings of Love.

Alone with Thee, we are strengthened, renewed, raised up. Our burdens are lifted, our pain becomes compassion, our questions find fulfillment. Alone with Thee, we dissolve into Oneness, letting go of our illusions of separation, our delusions of arrogance and ignorance. In humility, we find that all divine strength is available to us, that we are not ever separate from the Source of all grace. We find that our heart is one with the Lord’s, and in all the world, there is only God.